ALTA Estate Services LLC (Mark Fishbein, Tucson AZ) has recently been recognized by various first responders and medical offices for its services to clients in Southern Arizona. With its development of ALTA Estate Services, LLC Emergency Telephone Hotline Program service, the firm is available for its clients during the most needed times of medical crisis. This Emergency Telephone Hotline Program has been valuable during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clients have been able to contact ALTA Estate Services, LLC 24/7 and receive guidance and assistance at no additional charge. Our many services include forwarding required legal documents such as powers of attorney to medical facilities, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, and hospitals. Family members can then obtain this information to be involved in the loved one’s medical decisions. Healthcare institutions and ALTA Estate clients have expressed high regard for what this program provided to these communities.

ALTA Estate Services, LLC believes this Emergency Telephone Hotline Program is a vital part of any estate plan for families. The foremost important tool in estate planning is an accessible telephone number.  The phone is the first thing people go to in times of crisis. If someone is interested in adding this important program to their estate plan please contact ALTA Estate Services, LLC. We can be reached at or call (520) 797-1400. Furthermore, ALTA Estate is willing to meet with prospective clients in order to answer any questions they may have, Free of Charge. Click on the link below to speak with ALTA Estate Service. Click for more about Mark Fishbein Tucson.