Background:    Mark Fishbein is married and has three children. As an estate and financial planner, a football coach, and dad, his hands are full. When he was young, Fishbein was active in many sports, but in his adult life, family and the challenge of balancing work and daily life quickly caught up with him. He put exercise on the back burner.

The Challenge: On Mother’s Day in 2002, Fishbein had a heart attack. Fishbein had a quadruple bypass and a collapsed lung repaired which resulted in a compromised respiratory system. Heredity played a role. His father died of a heart attack at age 50. His father as well, lacked regular excise, had high cholesterol, and had poor nutrition. During 2006 and 2007, Fishbein was at his lowest point. His doctors prescribed medications that left him in a lethargic physical state, with leg pains, and other side effects. After six months of respiratory therapy, his health issues did not approve.

The Turning Point:   Over time, Fishbein realized he didn’t want to be a victim of these struggles with his health, but to take charge and be a hero to his children. With a desire to regain his physical fitness that he once had, he joined a fitness program and found a personal trainer who could coordinate with his cardiac physician to begin an aggressive approach to excise while being monitored by his doctor. In his six months, he lost 25 pounds, no longer need medication to reduce his cholesterol, and regained cardiovascular and physical endurance. Now, he coaches Pop Warner football and runs up and down the field along with the players.

Staying Motivated:   Fishbein committed and persevered to maintaining his physical fitness. He

has a wife and children that he wants to support for many years to come. He is an inspiration to young athletes as he teaches about injury prevention, physical well-being, and conditioning to last them a lifetime.