We encourage people to meet with their attorneys to update their Healthcare Powers of Attorney with HIPAA Consent regularly. If you have not met with your attorney, we recommend you do so or contact us for a review. We must meet to discuss any changes or updates required to this document. If you want to update or make an addition for anyone to your HCPOA, call us. We can handle this change for you. The HCPOA is very important for family members to communicate with healthcare professionals and obtain information in nursing homes or hospitals. Remember, without proper HCPOA, your family or loved ones will not be able to speak about your medical issues

Please consider also getting an HCPOA for your adult children. Many parents recently contacted us relating to their adult children in hospitals. They were frustrated because they cannot obtain information regarding the status of their children’s health. With a proper HCPOA, you will be able to communicate with any medical professionals or caregivers regarding your child’s health status, should the need arise.